Eco-Recycling Park

A subsidiary of Southern Demolition and Salvage Ltd, Eco Recycling Park in Hornby, Christchurch, is a large scale recycling and processing operation that deals with a wide variety of deconstructed building and other waste materials. Eco Recycling Park has the capacity to properly process - and where possible, recycle - large and bulk volumes of waste material that might otherwise be difficult to dispose of properly. We work with:
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Soil
  • Bricks
  • Gib board
  • General rubbish

We can process a range of concrete grades including

  • Crushed fines
  • Crushed AP20
  • Crushed AP32
  • Crushed AP65
  • Crushed AP100
  • Crushed concrete

Our emphasis is on processing material to be recycled or re-used whenever possible, and so we have a range of products available for a use in a number of different industries:

  • Concrete: crushed and sold for use in roading, farm tracks, and basement filling.
  • Timber: chipped into different grades for use as calf bedding, hog fuel, landscaping.
  • Soil: carefully screened, and then sold for use in landscaping.
  • Bricks: crushed and sold for use in landscaping.
  • Gib board: shredded, screened and then recycled.
  • General rubbish: sorted and stripped of all recyclable materials, then transported to the Kate Valley landfill.

If you have large volumes of material that need the appropriate processing, or are interested in purchasing some of our recycled materials, please contact us directly on (03) 349 6140 to learn more about how we can help you.