Native Timber Solutions

Demand for New Zealand native timbers for construction use is now starting to outstrip supply, making certain timbers difficult to source and increasingly expensive. Increased protection for native forests and a rise in awareness around sustainability issues means that increasing numbers of people from all over the country are choosing recycled native timber from Native Timber Solutions to meet their requirements.

With Southern Demolition and Salvage Ltd. as its parent company, Native Timber Solutions is able to recover significant supplies of native (and exotic) timbers such as:

  • Rimu
  • Matai
  • Kauri
  • Jarrah
  • Canadian oregon
  • Pine
  • Other exotics

Much of this timber is sourced from buildings built 50 to 100 years ago. While buildings that are demolished are often outwardly decrepit or derelict, in many cases the timber used in their construction has been extremely well preserved, and can be prepared for safe and stylish re-use with relative ease.

Our recycling process involves careful salvage from deconstruction sites followed by de-nailing, docking any waste, and re-machining the timber to meet your specific requirements. The resulting timber brings with it a strong sense of history and character, and is a fantastic material for residential or commercial use as tongue and groove flooring, panelling, skirting, stairs, architraves, or even picture framing – in fact, for any use for timber you can imagine. Our wide selection and careful quality control processes mean that you receive the best recycled timber possible for your intended usage – no matter what your project.

Recycled timber looks great and importantly, helps to contribute to a greener New Zealand in the future. Talk to the specialists at Native Timber Solutions today to learn more about how we can assist with your upcoming project.